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Who is Andrej Palacko?

Andrej Palacko

Photographer Andrej Palacko deals with reportage photography for 30 years. During his professional carrer he made thousands of pictures from cultural, art and political life of many countries in the world. He worked not only in Slovakia but also in Germany. In last years Cuba became the coutry of his extraordinary interest.

His reportage and artistic perception of the world is materialized in many photographs. It is based on inner sensibility, sense for detail and gift to recognize the unique moment. Andrej Palacko is not a person of drill, his work is an expression of visual perception of the world and thze man within it. He has a gift to shape him and pass to the others thanks to genes - the distinc and mysterious gift uniquely mixed and given from his parents. When the gift is engaged with hard work, taste and need to share with others, the artist is ready to show his works. He is open to new challenges, requests of media, agencies or wishes of individuals.

In his archives there are hundreds of published reportages, photographies as well as pictures not  yet published. He protographed many personalities of cultural, artistic, sport or political life (Fidel Castro, Joe Cocker, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney etc.).

His newest exclusive photographies were taken on the 1st of May 2006 in Cuba, where he pictured the last official tribune speech of Fidel Castro. These photographies are unique, because after this event Fidel Castro withdrew from active political life. For few months he was hospitalised and never returned to the political scene.  During these summer days he again started to show up on public  but by now he communicates only within close groups. That is why the exclusive pictures could be presented on the occasion of his return to public and maybe also political life. Moreover on 13th August Fidel Castro will celebrate his 84th birthday. This jubilee and the return will be for sure a opportunity for publicists. Andrej Palacko offers his photographical material.

An example of his work you can see in Cafe La Fenice.