Teofilo Stevenson

Cuba in colours

I consider myself a classical reportage photographer who prefers the black and white celuloid but Cuba with its colours charmed me.

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A worldwide known photographer Andrej Palacko is the author of the idea and the term that the planet Earth has not heard before, has not thought of for the last six thousnd years... it is a beautiful term for the citizens of the planet - Citizentologist. Citizentologist is a person dealing with citizentology.Citizentology is a science dealing with life in civic society, legal rights of citizens, ethics of society and comunity way of life and...


Chinese Magazine

On 6 May 2013, just at Andrew's birthday was at the Ministry of Culture in Bratislava at the opening of Sino wonderful exhibition of paintings, which was attended by Chinese authors, between Andrew's friend Alan Yu, who organized the exhibition of arts and culture People's Republic of China throughout Europe.


My beloved Cuba

My exhibition about life in Cuba travels around the world. But where else to begin if not exactly on the place of its birth? I named the exhibition „My beloved Cuba“. It was my fifth visit to Cuba in 18 months and that much material cannot be presented in a single exhibition. People could see at least a part of it. Hopefully a book will be published, with many more photographs. Please be aware that the website is in Spanish language.