Chinese Magazine

Photographer Andrej Palacko has published material about Cuba in Chinese magazin

On 6 May 2013, just at Andrew's birthday was at the Ministry of Culture in Bratislava at the opening of Sino wonderful exhibition of paintings, 
which was attended by Chinese authors, between Andrew's friend Alan Yu, who organized the exhibition of arts and culture People's Republic 
of China throughout Europe.

After the opening of the exhibition by Alan visited the café La Fenice and was shocked and surprised of its unique historical photographic materials that adorn the walls of the cafe. Andrew gave him a documentary film, which made ​​the Chinese exhibition, which was attended Chinese personalities, among them the new Chinese ambassador.

Photographer Andrej Palacko give Alan a historical photographic materials on Cuba, which published monthly in Chinese Art Exhibition. Andrey's picture will be able to read at least 200 million people. The monthly Art Exhibition, important personalities of the preview of their works, which for all exhibitions worldwide handed out to visitors. Late July Andrej Palacko welcome personality Alan Yu of Chinese culture with family at his café La Fenice in Bratislava.

This exclusive publication Andrew's photographic material starts cooperation and realization of exhibitions in Beijing, which will exhibit 
his unique images of Cuba.